Our Philosophy

About Untamed

Crafting Brands with Purpose is Our Purpose.

Consumers today are expecting more from brands today
than ever before, and this is causing a fundamental shift in
the way brands approach marketing.

The focus is now less about the product and more about
the causes we care about. By connecting deeper with
people, brands with purpose are able to stand out and do
much better today.

Adventure and Creativity is Our Spirit.

Our company was named Untamed as our founder
strongly believes in the spirit of adventure and creativity.
We’re Untamed in Ideas and challenge ourselves to
Explore the Uncharted.

Hence, we specialize in crafting purposeful branding and
marketing strategies that are both innovative and
results-orientated to help you attain new market share.

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Ordinary Brands, Extraordinary Purpose.

Ordinary Brands, Extraordinary Purpose.

Most of the leading lifestyle brands today adopt a higher
aspirational purpose and market them by encouraging a
desire in their customers to ‘be more’ or ‘do better’.


If your products or services aren’t ‘cool’ or intrinsically
good, you may wonder how you can do so.

This is where we come in. We are a multi-disciplinary
experienced team who can help transform your simple
and seemingly ordinary product or service into a brand
with great purpose.

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Untamed Vision

We envision ourselves to be purpose-driven innovators
that are able to break down boundaries and translate
revolutionary ideas into impactful realities.


Untamed Mission

To help craft and transform ordinary brands to brands
with extraordinary purpose.

Untamed Values


We’re genuine, no frills people whose main goal is to help
every client develop their brand to its full potential.


Creativity is in our DNA and manifests in everything that
we do.


Constant innovation is what stands us out from the crowd


Passion for what we do is what spurs us to do great work
and exceed ourselves


Trustworthy long-lasting relationships is what we seek
with every client who walks through our door.