AWG Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd – Branding


AWG Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd

AWG Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd (“AWG”) was established in 1990 as a direct insurance broker
licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to conduct insurance broking business in
Singapore. The organization has expanded rapidly in recent years to become a reputable
local insurance independent broker. Its team includes esteemed individuals in the industry
with years of experience.

The company focuses on local businesses and engages in global risk placements for
clients that are expanding overseas. This is done through their strong partnership with its
international brokers network. Their expertise lies in corporate risks placement in sectors
such as construction and engineering, logistics, shipyards and technology.


Perception of a Brokerage Firm
Brokerages are often lost in the brands of products they carry. In these firms, the brands
of products can pose a stronger influence than the corporate brand of brokerages.
Through the branding project, AWG wanted to change its perception from being a vessel
for brands, to a corporate entity with its own identity and position as a one-stop solution
that can determine the best products and services for both B2C and B2B.

Internal & External Gaps
Despite being in the market for over 30 years, AWG has yet to embark on a branding
project, causing them to be unaware of its gaps internally and externally in both local and
target markets. Via the branding project, AWG will be able to gain insights on how they fare
against its competitors, communications and outlook, enabling them to better hone their
products and services for the betterment of its clients.

Expansion into the Region
With an increasing number of companies moving their operations to neighboring markets,
AWG saw an opportunity to capitalize its B2B products to also expand into the region to
grow its revenue. Before it expands overseas however, it is essential that AWG have a
strong brand strategy and identity that can be translated to other markets. A brand project
will lay down the foundation of its brand strategy, DNA, and identity to bring across to the
new target markets. Further, it will align its employees across to create greater buy in,
productivity and efficiency.


Over a period of 7 months, research was conducted and a new brand strategy was drafted
with management along with a new set of guidelines on messaging and identity.

1. Brand Research
Understanding their brand’s strengths and weaknesses as
foundation for their strategy.

2. Brand Strategy
Create a brand DNA strategy and communication strategy
to help them in achieving their goals.

3. Brand Identity
Create a brand identity system based on their brand
communication strategy to project the right brand image.

4. Internal Branding
Align all employees to the brand by educating, motivating,
engaging, and empowering them through a key training program