Belive – Branding & Marketing



BeLive is a homegrown Livestreaming app that is designed for the next generation. One of
its unique features includes enabling users to gain monetary rewards while live streaming.
Supported by Mediacorp, it is set to take Asia by storm.

Our Scope of Work

Overall Brand & Marketing Strategy
Our partnership with BeLive started off with a brainstorming
session on several key issues: the desired steamer
experience, problems the app can solve, the purpose and
vision of the app, value and focus, expansion methods.
Internally, we helped BeLive to craft its purpose, vision &
mission, overall marketing concept of redefining the overall
live streaming experience, as well as strategized on various
marketing initiatives to drive awareness, content, and
downloads objectives.

Conceptualization of Marketing Campaigns
Leveraging on BeLive’s unique feature of being able to
interact and form connections with strangers, we came up
with a Marketing Campaign, Beautiful Strangers. The idea was
inspired by the idea of how one can interact with faceless,
beautiful strangers who can be your friend through the app
and aims to change the current perception of livestreaming
through BeLive’s warm, friendly and engaging community.

Content Generation
As part of research, we gather groups of people to produce
unique, interesting content, immerse, interact with other
streamers of the app. These are ongoing efforts to help
BeLive to glean insightful feedback to enable them to
continuously improve the app and its user experience.

To initiate livestreaming trials on BeLive, we came up with a
B2B2C model idea of working with cafés to get café goers to
livestream their experience on BeLive. We helped to pilot test
the model and executed a 3 day event with The Laneway
Market, resulting in more than 50% increase of customers for the Cafe when tested during low-peak hours.


• Social Media Visuals – Colourful, eye-catching and vibrant
colours are consistently used to bring BeLive’s youthful and
fun spirit to live.
• Event Visuals – Marketing collaterals for BeLive’s
partnership with cafes

• Name Card – A unique transparent name card representive
of a live streaming screen
• Facebook Social Media Style Guide
• Corporate banner design